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From Ensley of Birmingham, Al, I grew up in a house of 5 sisters and mother. My desires to become a lawyer shifted once I took a solo move to Houston in 2014. After a few years as a Social Worker Investigator for Child Protective Services, I grew an understanding my plans in this world were much bigger than me. Then life suddenly hit me with a big, BOOM!

What's next Jaynea, I asked myself? 

A whole shift happened in every area of my life: personal, love, home, and career. It seemed as if everything I once knew was no longer true. Anxiety became very high. It was a silent battle that processed so much insight and growth within me, an inside out healing. I was fortunate to have some tools stored in my toolhouse that I used to catapult myself from this darkness.

Overcoming this part of my life where I did not know what to do, I was able to truly Begin- Again. Mindfulness served as a guide. I aim to provide these tools and techniques which greatly improved my life to people on many different paths and journeys. I am currently a student of Clinical Social Work holding a Bachelor's of Social Work from Miles College. I am a Certified Vipassana Meditation teacher, a Hatha yoga instructor, and Life Coach. 

The home is within. Within each room is a tool that could be used to enhance your journey of life through self discovery, healing, accountability and resources. Through our services and programs, the goal is personal development from the inside out. We use specific empowerment tools to target wellness within your mind and body and through service, you find your bliss. 

Remember, ​


 "The Home is Within"

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