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"The goal is insight.

Vipasssana Meditation aims at nothing less than the purification and transformation of your everyday life".  

As a Certified Vipassana Meditation teacher, I've learned to incorporate this Mindfulness Practice into my everyday life. Mindfulness is the ability to find presence, peace, and calm and transfer that energy into all walks of life. Join a workshop, or sign up for a private session. I provide various breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, and guided meditation for all ages. 

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"One thought at a time, one step at a time, one breathe at a time"
~Jaynea Milhouse

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Hear from some of our participants.

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Book a 1|1 or a group session.

Motivation, Intention, Mindfulness
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Sign up to participant in our chakra meditation series. 21 days of guided meditation, intentions, and breathwork. Classes offered virtual via zoom. Register for more details.

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